Branding / UX

What Is Branding / User Experience?

Branding can be most loosely defined as changing the appearance and, possibly, function of the SharePoint interface to achieve a desired look and / or user experience.

Why Change the SharePoint Branding / User Experience?

  • Reflect your corporate identity.
  • Tailor the SharePoint UX to be more effective for a specific purpose.

How Can SharePoint Help?

  • Publishing feature set available in most SharePoint editions and enables richer and more dynamic content.
  • Composed looks available to package a site’s appearance.
  • Artefacts such as CSS, Master pages, page layouts, web parts and templates can be combined to create a consistent yet flexible look.

How Can Ensentia Help?

  • Leverage our technical experience to ensure your branding and UX changes are applied in an appropriate manner.
  • Get a site which is engaging to look but is easy for both content creators and consumers to work with.
  • We will work with your existing creative team or agency.

Do You Want To Know More About Branding / UX?

Please get in touch. Or alternatively read some of the articles listed below.

More On Branding / UX
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