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Migrating from OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint

We help organisations who wish to migrate from OpenText LiveLink to Microsoft SharePoint. We support migrations to Online, Teams, Office 365, On-Premises.

Migrator tool for OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint Office 365

About OpenText LiveLink

OpenTexts core product for many years LiveLink is widely deployed. It has document management, records management and physical records management features and supports a wide varierty subtypes. With care LiveLink can be migrated very successfully to SharePoint.

About Ensentia

Ensentia have specialised in the migration of non-Microsoft content and document management systems since 2009. We assist organisations undertaking such migrations via our migration software, our experience, expertise and capabilities.

Migrating OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint

Typical Approach

  • Discover and understand the current content in OpenText LiveLink.
  • Design and provision the SharePoint destination.
  • Design, configure and test the mapping and transformation of OpenText LiveLink content to SharePoint.
  • Execute and track the migration.
  • Reconcile the migration

Typical Benefits

  • Remove or reduce infrastructure, support, training and licence costs.
  • Apply the benefits and functionality of Office 365 and SharePoint to migrated content.
  • Leverage Office 365 security, compliance centre, cortex and data loss prevention.
  • Consolidate platforms.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Improve search.
  • Reduce archive size.
  • And so much more...

Migrating OpenText LiveLink with Ensentia

Ensentia Migration Software

Our own specialized migration software Ensentia Adaptive Migration can migrate content from OpenText LiveLink into SharePoint.

The software has been specifically designed for content migrations and is packed with features to ensure a successful content migration.

Ensentia Migration Tool Key Features

  • Content migration.
  • Retain metadata (fields, properties etc).
  • Retain version histories.
  • Retain created and modified by details.
  • Retain source equivalents to SharePoint content types.
  • High performance import with encryption to SharePoint Online using the Microsoft migration API.
  • Transform content and meta data.
  • Document format conversion on-the-fly (Convert to PDF or PDFA for example).
  • Document Optical Character Recognition on-the-fly (OCR for content search in the destination).
  • Retain details for users not in Azure AD and / or remap users.
  • Tracking of all migrated content to file or database.
  • And so much more...

Ensentia Migration Services

  • Software, Support and Assistance for a client or partner to complete their own migration using our software.
  • Execute a migration for a client or partner as a service.
  • Services to assist a client or partner to design, and provision the SharePoint destination.
  • And so much more...

Ensentia Capabilities

  • Migrate OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint Online or On-Premises.
  • Migrate OpenText LiveLink to Microsoft Teams.
  • Migrate OpenText LiveLink to Microsoft Office 365.
  • Transform content to fit a client requirement or a new information architecture.
  • Filter and cleanse content.
  • Transform and reapply security, permissions.
  • Address retention and disposition.
  • And so much more...

Ensentia Experience and Understanding

  • Vast experience of migrating content to SharePoint.
  • Understanding of Legislative, Regulatory and policy considerations.
  • Understanding of Infrastructure and Bandwith implications.
  • Understanding of Business change impacts.
  • And so much more...

OpenText LiveLink To SharePoint - Key Points

LiveLink to SharePoint Migration Highlights

Often used as an Enterprises core records management system and offering additional functionality as part of a wider software suite LiveLink can be successfully migrated to SharePoint.


  • Permissions analysis – Find secured documents and folders.
  • Migration readiness analysis – Identify potential issues
  • And more…

Meta Data

  • Category and attribute migration.
  • RM Metadata migration
  • Extraction / deduction of meta data from file path.
  • Classification structure migration
  • And more…


  • Mapping of LiveLink subtypes to appropriate SharePoint counterparts.
  • And more…


Precision Migration

Retain OpenText LiveLink Meta Data
Retain versioning

Scripted Migration - Leverage the Power of Powershell

Use our Powershell Migration CmdLets to build simple or complex migration scripts
Execute and monitor migrations
Manage configuration in PowerShell

Also known as....
Copy content, documents and files from OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint or Office 365
Import content, documents and files from OpenText LiveLink into SharePoint or Office 365
Move content, documents and files from OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint or Office 365
Extract transform load (ETL) from OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint
Bulk export or extract content, documents and files from OpenText LiveLink
OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint migration tool
OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint migration service

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