What We Do

We specialize in content migration

Since the inception of our company in 2009 we have specialized in content migration with a particular focus on Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365.

Using our in-house developed migration platform we have migrated millions of artefacts between differing content services platforms and most often into Microsoft SharePoint Online.

We offer migration services

We offer services to support your migration ranging from consultancy, configuration and provisioning to fully managed services.

We offer migration software

We offer our fully configurable and extensible migration software to enable you to accelerate execution of your own migration.

We offer high precision

Our software and process enables very precise replication of assets in destination systems to support demanding compliance and accuracy requirements.

We transform and convert

We transform and convert content during migration to take account of platform differences and new information architecture requirements.

We are cost effective

We leverage our extensive content migration experience and software library to reduce the cost of your migration.

We operate globally

We have supported successful migrations in the USA, UK, many European Union member states, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Caribbean, South America and India.

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