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Migration of Document, Record and Content Management Systems into SharePoint

We help organisations who wish to migrate from document, record and content management systems into to Microsoft SharePoint. We support migrations to Online, Teams, Office 365, On-Premises.

Meridio to SharePoint

Meridio was originally developed by Belfast based Kainos. The product was acquired by HPs Autonomy to become Autonomy Records Manager. The product range was subsequently acquired by Micro Focus to be merged into Micro Focus Content Manager.

Trim Context to SharePoint

HP Trim has also been known as Tower Trim, Trim Context, HP Records Manager, Microfocus records manager and content manager. Trim has great records management functionality combined with a colourful past. With care the records can be migrated into SharePoint along with meta data, permissions and retention policies.

Alfresco to SharePoint

Alfresco or more specifically Alfresco Content Services (ACS) is an ECM system which includes a central content and meta data repository. The platform is very popular and is used across a wide range of sectors and in both public and private sector organisations.

DocStar to SharePoint

DocStar ECM is an enterprise content management system that evolved from the traditional document imaging market where the main content acquisition mechanism was document scanning. As such DocStar can often be found in aligned vertical markets such as accounts payable invoice processing and offers focused functionality such as automated data capture with OCR and ERP integrations.

Document Locator to SharePoint

Enterprise document management software from Columbia Soft integrated with Microsoft Windows explorer with support for document profiling, metadata and retention policy.

DocuSoft to SharePoint

DocuSoft is a Total Document Management Solution Provider including EDMS , Scanning, Archving, Content Management, Business Process Managment , SAP

DocuWare to SharePoint

DocuWare is a modern document management system which initially had a heavy focus on document imaging and subsequently workflow. Additional functionality can be added via add-on solutions and modules. The original DocuWare philosophy was based on a normal office environment with electronic document in-trays and digital file cabinets.

eFileCabinet to SharePoint

With eFileCabinet you can experience business organized, automated, and accelerated. The leader in advanced document management software (DMS), eFileCabinet puts all your data right at your fingertips. Built-in workflow automation in document management software gives you effortless approvals, sharing, and organizing.

ELO Digital Office to SharePoint

ELO provide Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions through ELO professional or ELO enterprise offerings. The solution is sold globally and is most popular in German speaking territories. Our migration tools work with characters specific to the German language.

Hyland - Onbase to SharePoint

OnBase is Hylands Core document management platform. Implementations often contain large numbers of scanned images. With care such archives can be migrated into SharePoint.

ImageNow to SharePoint

ImageNow was originally developed by Perceptive Software. Perceptive was acquired by Lexmark in 2010. Under the Lexmark tenure the product became Perceptive Content. The Perceptive business unit of Lexmark was then acquired by Hyland.

Invu to SharePoint

INVU has been popular for smaller document management and workflow implements for a number of years. It particularly popular in its UK home market. As Microsoft target the traditional INVU base with Office 365 it has increasingly become a candidate for migration to SharePoint as organisations seek to consolidate and reduce cost.

Laserfiche to SharePoint

Laserfiche is a world leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), document management (DMS) and BPM solutions. With care Laserfiche can be migrated successfully to SharePoint.

M-Files to SharePoint

Document Management. Redefined. M-Files is the only intelligent information management platform that organizes content based on what it is, not where its stored.

NetDocuments to SharePoint

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management service that provides enterprise-level security, mobility, disaster recovery, and collaboration solutions for organizations with high data security requirements, such as law firms, financial institutions, and insurance industries.

OpenText LiveLink to SharePoint

OpenTexts core product for many years LiveLink is widely deployed. It has document management, records management and physical records management features and supports a wide varierty subtypes. With care LiveLink can be migrated very successfully to SharePoint.

Perceptive Content to SharePoint

Perceptive Content is a content and process management product suite from Hyland. Formerly and more widely know as ImageNow. We can extract documents and images from Perceptive content and migrate them directly to SharePoint.

Square 9 SmartSearch to SharePoint

Square 9 softworks offer a range of document / content management products including SmartSearch. The product range is commonly used in accounts payable and human resources.

Virtual Cabinet to SharePoint

Virtual Cabinet is a document management system that provides a user experience evolved from a traditional office filing cabinet and card file approach. The software is often used in financial and professional service environments.

Wisdom eDRM to SharePoint

An electronic document and records management system adhering to UK compliance standards. Often found in the public, charity and housing sectors.

Xerox DocuShare to SharePoint

DocuShare is a content management system developed by Xerox Corporation. It is most often used for document functionality though it does support pages and wikis. It makes a great candidate for migration to Sharepoint.

Xythos to SharePoint

A number of ECM and file storage products have been associated with the Xythos and subsequently Blackboard brand as the products became even more heavily focused on the educational market. Blackboard Xythos Server, Xythos WFS, Blackboard Xythos Drive, Blackboard Drive, Bd Drive are now end-of-life. We can assist in the migration of content from these products into contemporary platforms, most commonly SharePoint Online or OneDrive. Our connectors are capable of migrating not only the stored files but additionally meta data, Standard Properties (Tags, Owner, Name), Document Class Properties (custom / file classification properties), user information etc.

Zylabs to SharePoint

Zylabs are a long standing player in the information management market having been operating since the 80's. The company has offered a number of products during it's history such as ZyIndex, Information Management Platform, and Zylabs One. Each product has overlap with the functionality offered by SharePoint and also Office 365. For organisations seeking to consolidate platforms or retain legacy content a migration can be a compelling option.


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Migration of Web Content Management Systems into SharePoint

We help organisations who wish to migrate from web content management systems into to Microsoft SharePoint. We support migrations to Online, Teams, Office 365, On-Premises.

WordPress to SharePoint

If you have intranet based content stored in WordPress and wish to move some of that content to SharePoint we can help.


Additional sources may be found here

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