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Simple – Content Migration in 3 Headings

We specialise in content migration with a specific focus on migration to SharePoint.

Put simply we help our customers to deliver their Migration Projects by building robust Content Migration Processes leveraging our Content Migration Tooling.

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Migration Project

Content typically refers to document content (Word; PDF; Excel etc), or HTML presented content (Web Pages). Content could also mean structure (Folders), lists (conversations, tasks, calendars). All content has some form of meta data associated with it.

A need for content migration will normally arise from an overarching project.

Typically such a project would be :

  • A migration project to a new EDRMS, WCM or Collaboration system such as SharePoint.
  • A consolidation project whereby you consolidate to a single EDRMS, WCM or Collaboration system such as SharePoint.

Such a project will have it’s own understood drivers and benefits case.

We believe it is important to recognise that this overarching project is different from the content migration itself as the overall project will address not just content but also people and processes.

The exception to this is an archive project in which the main driver is correctly retaining the content as opposed to actively or extensively working with it. In such a project the element of people and process is reduced and the content migration process comes to the fore.

Content Migration Process

To satisfy the requirements of a migration process a content migration process normally needs to be built or at very least configured.

The process could be simple or complex. In order to facilitate the later we use PowerShell.

The process will undoubtedly migrate content but may also:

  • Configure the destination
  • Deploy structure such as sites, libraries or folders.
  • Deploy meta data such as lookup lists
  • Set Permissions
  • Transform the content
  • Transform the meta data

The process will additionally include:

  • Reporting
  • Reconciliation
  • Tracking
  • Validation

In short the content migration process is tailored to the needs of the project and further ensures all content is correctly transferred and validated.

Content Migration Tooling

Content migration tooling avoids reinvention of the wheel.

Good migration tooling encapsulates all common functionality that your migration process will need so that it can be built more easily and cost effectively.

Professional content migration tooling normally leverages PowerShell scripting for accuracy and repeatability.

We continually develop our own migration tooling so that we can work with you to deliver a very effective Content Migration Process in minimal time and at minimal cost. We have connectors for most source repositories.


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